Sunday, December 29, 2013

Purse Sketchbook, 1

My purse sketchbook is more or less filled up, yet some pages remain empty. To finish it, I'm going back into it with watercolors or colored pencils. Reminds me of coloring books, but it's much more fun. Then I thought about playing with the fabrics that are sitting by my machine from the oranges textile sketchbook page. So I glued the flowered background fabric onto a page. 
Not to be confused with the textile sketchbook for which I have the same page waiting. Today, I've been cutting out small circles and rectangles every time I have to stop and thread a needle for the stitching on which I'm working. Rectangles for the purse sketchbook and circles for the textile sketchbook. Very relaxing. No expectations, except that I do like the colors. Nice way to end off the year...

1 comment:

fiberchick said...

Lovely drawings! I always vow to carry a sketchpad and never do. You are inspiring... What size is it? Happy New Year too!